Résidence — Bruxelles

Eunmi Lee

Du 15/01/2021 au 27/02/2021

Fondation CAB gladly welcomes Eunmi Lee as 12th artist in residence. Eunmi Lee, born in Korea in 1990, lives and works in Paris. She won the price for the Fondation CAB from the jury of La Cambre.

Eunmi is interested in elementary materials and their typical shapes like cardboard, tape, paper, wire, nails and so on. She uses these materials with simple, repetitive gestures. The limitations, specific to these materials, have an influence on the actions she performs with it, actions such as folding, cutting, mounting. In this way she reveals the materialistic qualities these objects contain, beyond their normal utility value. The artist is currently experimenting with the idea of « the line(s) » in het pictorial work.

Eunmi Lee will stay in the Fondation CAB until the end of February 2021.

Contact Evelyn Simons on the e-mail address evelyn@fondationcab.com if you would like to visit the studio.