Richard Long

OPENINGSTIJDEN: Woensdag – Zaterdag, 12u – 18u.

Fondation CAB is verheugd Along the Way voor te stellen, de eerste solo tentoonstelling sinds veertig jaar in België die een inkijk biedt in het radicale werk van de Britse kunstenaar Richard Long.

Along the Way will stage important works from the artist’s oeuvre, featuring text works, photographs and scultprues. At the heart of the exhibition will be a brand-new commission created in-situ in response to Fondation CAB’s magnificent 1930s Art Deco architecture.
This exhibition reflects the foundation’s continued commitment to supporting the practice of minimal and conceptual art. Hubert Bonnet, Founder of Fondation CAB, says:

‘After four years of planning, I am proud to welcome Richard Long to Fondation CAB. This project exemplifies our direct engagement with artists in line with the Fondation’s mission of championing exceptional minimal art. Richard’s work embodies everything that is relevant and enticing in contemporary art: he is radical, relentless, and poetic.’


*Images: Lola Pertsowsky

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