“The Brutal Play reminds the viewer of the incredible power of materiality and the contradictory sense of instability that materials can have on the viewer’s own perception of space and time. The artists taking part in the exhibition apply the same rejection of ornament and the aesthetics of place. In the digital age – the age of dematerialization – this exhibition takes the opposite approach of presenting contemporary sculpture as something physically embodied that speaks to the living body of the viewer, momentarily liberated from its cerebral dependence on the image, on digital screens and on illusion”.  – Matthieu Poirier

With Carl Andre, Valentin Carron, Emilie Ding, Ramon Feller, Karsten Födinger, Donald Judd, Robert Morris, Charlotte Posenenske, Alexander Rodchenko and Killian Rüthemann / Curated by Matthieu Poirier