Résidence — Brussel

Nicolas Chardon

From 13/09/2021 to 07/11/2021

The Fondation CAB is part of the OFF program of the Art On Paper fair and present the artist Nicolas Chardon (born in 1974 in Clamart, France), our 15th artist in residence.

Nicolas is a painter who introduces reality and life into abstract supremacist motifs, from which he humorously emancipates himself through the medium. The place of his painting is the painting itself and his work is based first of all on the observation of what constitutes him materially; the frame and the canvas attached to it. But it is a particular canvas, trivial fabrics squared and straight at the outset which undergo the deformations linked to the tension on the frames. The abstract shapes then painted take their distorted place. The challenge of Nicolas Chardon’s painting is to reveal the narrative, disorder and imperfection of abstraction.