Résidence — Brussel

Sonia Kacem

From 03/02/2020 to 03/04/2020

« Sonia Kacem describes her installations as a “scenographic picture in which the body is brought to wander.”

She works with architecture and material that considers the various discourses, practices and conventions that give form to the human body and its conception. The artist uses fabrics that stretch and shape the body and/or materials that are used to control it, regulate its movements and dominate it. Her installations, while remaining abstract, create an environment of desire and fantasy that escapes the normalizing social forces that attempt to, yet fail to ever fully contain the body. Kacem at times uses the architecture of the studio as an extension of the individual to play out scenarios of entanglement and disentanglement, creating installations that guide the visitors inside a spatial frame, “where aesthetics, dynamism and contemplation can be physically perceived.” Kacem assigns titles that personalize her pieces, gives them characters that perform in the exhibition, and create the tension of a domestic space, raising questions about sexual norms and behavior in society »