Performance by Alexandra Sand

From 05/05/2023 to 06/05/2023

Fondation CAB Brussels is pleased to present Counting Colours, a two-days performance, by Alexandra Sand (b.1990, Slobozia, Romania) in the context of the exhibition André Cadere, Expanding Art.

It is part of the program designed by Hervé Bize for the Cadere exhibition, as is Eric Hattan’s residency and Marco Godinho’s performance.

Starting from the legend of Penelope and her canvas, the artist offers a two-day artistic performance in which she will use a long rope on which she will thread colored beads. It is a repetitive action that invites the public to contemplate simple actions, to cut and take away a piece of rope. This gesture, reminiscent of Penelope’s ruse destroying her daily weaving at sunset, evokes not only infinity, devotion but also being trapped in a daily loop.

Alexandra Sand was a resident of Villa Medici in Rome (2015-2016). Her transversal practice allows her to intervene in a wide variety of fields: performance, direction, photography, video art and visual arts. She also does not exclude more classical mediums, including drawing, painting and sculpture and she participates until May 22 in the exhibition Arts & Prehistory held at the Museum of Man in Paris.

The performance art will be documented by the artist on polaroid photos.

In partnership with the Romanian Cultural Institute of Brussels. 

Thanks: Hervé Bize.