Fondation CAB Brussels



Hubert Bonnet

Eléonore de Sadeleer

Residency and Artist liaison
Evelyn Simons

Project Coordinators
Jennifer Plasman
Anne-Alexandra Joyard

Established in 2012 by Belgian collector Hubert Bonnet, Fondation CAB in Brussels is a non- profit space dedicated to the promotion of Belgian and international minimalist and conceptual art through a dynamic programme of exhibitions and events. Housed in a striking 1930s Art Deco-style warehouse, built for the coal mining industry, Fondation CAB’s exhibition space offers visitors a unique environment to experience art.

Fondation CAB’s newly restored 800m2 building by Olivier Dwek delivers a streamlined open space located near the idyllic Etangs d’Ixelles and in proximity to a cluster of vibrant contemporary art venues. Contrasting with the building’s original architecture, its flexible and modular interior provides a space for experimentation. The building also houses a special studio dedicated to artists in residencies.

Fondation CAB is a key player in Brussels’ flourishing art scene and an important fixture in the city’s contemporary art circuit.