Crop Circle

A collective exhibition by Martin Bonnaz, Artist-in-residence


Martin Bonnaz and Fondation CAB is happy to invite you to the group exhibition Crop Circle with Héloise Colrat, Pauline Faivre, Amat Gueye, Naoki Karathanassis, Fabien Karp and Thily Vossier.

Our 17th artist-in-residence at Fondation CAB in Brussels, Martin Bonnaz (n.1994, Annemasse, France), is organising a group exhibition where young artists confront the latest modernist narratives of minimal and conceptual art. This young art scene creates a relationship and a redefinition of the essential constituents for the making of a minimal work. Crop Circle exhibition, organized in intersecting layers, offers a journey of artistic pluralism that prefers transgression and metamorphosis to conformity and linear progression.