Exposition — Saint-Paul de Vence

Muller Van Severen

From 21/03/2024 to 27/10/2024

Fondation CAB Saint-Paul-de-Vence is presenting an exhibition by Muller Van Severen, the Belgian design duo Fien Muller (1978, Lokeren) and Hannes Van Severen (1979, Ghent) renowned for their sculpturally interesting furniture objects.

For this exhibition, Muller Van Severen is not only presenting a selection of their work from the past 12 years, but they are also adding an extra dimension to the experience by zooming in (literally through the photography duo Scheltens and Abbenes) and zooming out by showing objects such as prototypes, drawings, materials, etc… The result is a unique and distinct look at the work and working methods of one of Europe’s most image-defining design studios.

Muller Van Severen is constantly balancing somewhere between art and design. They create sculpturally interesting furniture objects, which interact with the space around them, characterized by careful research into art, architecture and materials.

The versatile, colourful and sculptural furniture objects have a deep appreciation of carefully sourced materials. Leather, brass, polyethylene, steel, marble and enamel are often the starting point of their design journey.

Although careful research and craftsmanship are essential for Muller Van Severen, their objects are often so seemingly effortless and simple that it looks as if the designers draw with crayons in space.

Sitting between furniture, installation and artwork, their objects convey a sensibility for architectural spaces, making it a great fit to show at the 1950s building of Fondation CAB Saint-Paul de Vence, fully renovated by French interior architect and designer Charles Zana.

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