The CAB is pleased to announce its second collaboration with the FESTIVAL ARTONOV.
On the Saturday 8th October several interdisciplinary performances will follow each another in the space of the CAB.
Varying groups of young artists will present their own creations.


The duo Erhart-Le Thanh will present their collection called « ARTONOV 2016 » at the Museum van Buuren which will culminate in performance art instead of a fashion show. This fashion performance, held at CAB, aims to display all disciplines such as photography, music, voice, makeup and of course fashion clothing. Such a combination of disciplines captures the fundamental spirit of the festival.
The staging addresses issues such as transformation or metamorphosis, psychoanalysis of dreams and nightmares, the transition from life to death…All of these elements are integrated discreetly in the collection and will be explored by the protagonists during the performance.


PAGINE is the collaboration between the Scarbo saxophone quartet and Yuika Hashimoto, a talented dancer with the company Rosas. PAGINE refers to the collection of transcriptions using the same name, developed by the Italian composer Salvatore Sciarrino who managed to combine diverse styles in a bright musical arrangement.
During the festival, we will offer a selection of highlights by PAGINE.


Asagi Ito, soprano saxophone
Bart van Beneden, alto saxophone
Nele Tiebout, tenor saxophone
Pieter Pellens, baritone saxophone

Yuika Hashimoto

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