FOURFOLD Autonomous Scenography




Price : 15 €
Time : 15h00 – 45 min

FOURFOLD Autonomous Scenography
one piece of paper (un)folds
fifteen wooden parts along three rotation points
seven cardboard characters
one light
up (re)arranged
into one word
by two bodies
in conversation
here! now? no! where?

“Fourfold” is an installation-performance that resists a fixed narrative or a singular conceptual frame. It is instead, first and foremost, a living encounter between visual artists Meryem Bayram and Guy Rombouts. In this encounter, Bayram her proposition of a space was given as a gift to the body of the fellow artist. Guy Rombouts his response to it, his “unpacking” of Meryem Bayram’s spatial gift generates the core of the “Fourfold” event.

Meryem Bayram readjusts the performance field, adding and subtracting material and immaterial elements to the unfolding space – objects based on the Azart alphabet of Guy Rombouts and vocal interventions. These improvised yet clearly defined fragments are introduced into the performance as a generative power through which the initial meeting between the two artists is continuously renewed.

Concept Meryem Bayram | Objects & Performance Guy Rombouts & Meryem Bayram | Costumes Johanna Trudzinski |Technical realization Jan Van Goethem | photo Lore Sannen
Production Platform 0090 | Coproduction Wpzimmer, Workspacebrussels, Q-O2, Het Bos, Zsenne Art Lab | In collaboration with Fiëbre | With the Support of the Flemish Government