Open Studio Paloma Bosquê



Fondation CAB Brussel is pleased to present our 19th artist-in-residence, Paloma Bosquê (b.1982, Garça, Brazil).

Working between São Paulo and Basel, Paloma Bosquê’s work has been included in international group exhibition as well as solo exhibition. Through the association of minerals, vegetable fibers, lead, pigments and wax, among other materials, the artist is questioning the limits between the natural and the artificial. Her practice revolves around the idea that the material world is a culmination of all matter, including the human through an investigation of the materiality of bodies in transformation.

By challenging the Western definitions of animate and the inanimate, she attempts to reach a dimension beyond language or where things cannot yet be named. Doing so, she assembles a myriad of material to present bodies not as isolated entities but as permeable and moving matter continuously transforming each other, establishing and revoking connections within and beyond the realm of the visible.