Résidence — Brussels

Béatrice Balcou

From 01/04/2021 to 29/05/2021

Fondation CAB is pleased to introduce Béatrice Balcou (b. 1976, Tréguier, France) as our 13th artist-in-residence. In performances, sculptures and installations Béatrice Balcou creates situations offering innovative exhibition rituals that challenge our way of looking at and perceiving objects—especially works of art.

Béatrice Balcou’s research during her residency at Fondation CBA will focus on the presentation of glass supports that can be passed from hand to hand which contain “remains” from existing works of art, which are difficult to identify and value. These pieces will be exhibited in Saint-Paul-de-Vence at the other venue of Fondation CAB, where the second part of the exhibition Structures of Radical Will will take place.