Résidence — Saint-Paul de Vence

Cyrielle Gulacsy

From 08/11/2021 to 31/12/2021

Fondation CAB is pleased to introduce Cyrielle Gulacsy (b. 1994, Paris, France) as our 1st artist-in-residence in Saint-Paul-de-Vence.

Self-taught artist, Cyrielle has been drawing and painting since the end of her studies in 2016. Initially driven by a quest for realism, her work evolves under the influence of modern physics, towards the representation of an imperceptible reality, of the order of abstraction, concealing the invisible laws of nature. Space-time, electromagnetism, or the diffraction of light are all fields of research and experimentation that allow the artist to explore new representations of reality. In her work the artist explores our perception of light through space and time and reveals to us the matter that composes it. Her “atomistic” approach to pointillism is the result of a desire to get closer to the quintessence of things and to give an account of infinite quantities difficult to conceive. Each point, whether it is the measure of a particle or a celestial object, gives substance to an inaccessible reality and offers an intimate and dizzying view of the world around us. Space becomes almost tangible, and the invisible, by taking shape, brings us closer to the essence of nature.


The studio is accessible by appointment only. Book your visit by emailing spv@fondationcab.com or calling +33 4 921 124 50