Résidence — Brussels

Eric Hattan

From 28/02/2023 to 08/03/2023

In the context of the exhibition André Cadere, Expanding Art, Foundation CAB Brussels is pleased to present our 22th artist-in-residence, Eric Hattan (b.1955, Wettingen) who lives and works in Basel and Paris. This invitation will also be an opportunity to present Eric Hattan’s work for the first time in Belgium.

This residency proposed by Hervé Bize is to be seen both as a kind of introduction and as a counterpoint to the André Cadere exhibition. He created two pieces at Art Basel in 2010, including a memorable installation entitled Deplacement, which were a tribute to Cadere’s approach.

As a rigorous observer of everyday life, Eric Hattan likes to take possession of places, often inviting us to rediscover the spaces we occupy.

This reflection, this link between the gaze and the place, is a recurrent attitude in his entire approach, which does not aim to deliver any truth or critical analysis about a place or a situation, but rather to reveal the infra-ordinary, the infra-sensible.

Whether it is in his practice of sculpture, video or his interventions in public space, Eric Hattan tends to reveal, by discreet means and not without irony, elements that he diverts and reintroduces, inviting the viewer to focus his attention on the new situation thus created.

The notion of displacement, in its many forms, is at the heart of his work. In fact, it is movements and what it implies for the body, as well as for the mind, that interests the artist.