Résidence — Brussels

Paul Czerlitzki

From 14/05/2019 to 14/07/2019

We’re happy to welcome Paul Czerlitzki (b. 1986, Danzig, Poland) as our sixth artist-in-residence at Fondation CAB.


In his painting Paul Czerlitzki takes a small step back from the question of which colour is to be applied to a receptive ground in which constellations. Coloration and brushwork, abstraction or figuration are not subjects of primary interest. Czerlitzki makes painting before beginning to paint. It is apparently about having to do with something that is as simple as possible. This simple thing is paint (colourful material) on a support (canvas). But with that, from the beginning something else is involved; fundamental is an original breach within painting. Painting stages the dissociation of its simplicity and thus opens a field of possible displacements. The concern is to reconfigure the unhooked elements of the painterly apparatus. Not just any way, but as touch, through touch, a close handling. The procedure is methodical, organised in different groups of pictures. Carrying out a planned process, mechanising the practice, removes the obligation of spontaneous subjectivity. Subjectivity is retroactive; it emerges as the effect of a result.

– Statement by Ulrich Loock