Résidence — Brussels

Stan Van Steendam

From 01/02/2024 to 31/03/2024

Stan Van Steendam’s (b. 1985, Belgium) artistic oeuvre stands as an enigma, challenging established notions and inviting a departure from conventional ideas.

His poetic and visceral creations defy reality, resulting in delicate sculptural skill and subtle monochromatic exploration. His research, rooted in intuition, seeks to dismantle the materiality of painting through a process that involves layering raw pigments, plaster, and epoxy resin on wood. This method engenders a new conception of the pictorial tradition, fostering fresh experiences.

The vertical installation of his objects evokes an architectural heritage, despite being crafted solely for observation, they possess an inherent capacity to transcend functional constraints, inviting the viewer to explore concepts of entrance, access, and exit. Traditionally associated with functionality, these ideas transform into metaphors through the viewer’s shared experiences. This notion of portals, coupled with the imagined ability to peer beyond the picture, becomes the main element of engagement provoking contemplation on configuration, composition, color, and materials.