Sharing HOME is a constructed and diverse environment: three artistic disciplines coexisting, behaving as living identities and creating a unique ecosystem through each performance. After the creation process in Cuba and Austria, on May 14th Sharing HOME will build a temporal home at CAB, opening a space for a fictional, autonomous and temporary community, and to reflect on how polyrhythms and polymeters can create a sense of togetherness.

Naïma Mazic Concept/ Choreography/ Performer
William Ruiz Morales Concept/ Dramaturgy
Sien Van Dycke Development/ Performer
Snorre-Jeppe Hansen Development/ Performer
Judith Ferstl Composition/ Bass/ Performer
Sebastian Simsa Percussion/ Performer
Filipa Casca Botelho Clarinette/ Performer
Helga Danek Performer
Lola Drubigny Visual Art
Klara Kostal Production Assistant

First Production in Cuba (2016): Gabriela Reyna Visual Art, Louis Alberto Marino Composition.
Nïm is a company based in Austria, founded in 2016, focusing on the interdisciplinary work between dancers and musicians.

Sharing HOME – in cooperation with BKA and ÖKF Brussels.
Thanks to P.A.R.T.S., Karin Zimmer, Anna Lischka, Marina Chrystoph and Evelyn Simons.

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