Concert – Tuesday 29th November – 8PM

Concert (en) poche - Pièces en dialogue


Take a large venue with reverberant acoustics like Fondation CAB and a rare instrument from the baroque era that you connect to a computer. Immerse yourself in a timeless sound space between ancient and contemporary music, where sounds are born, live and never seem to disappear. Playing in interaction, this trio of architecture / acoustic instrument / electronic instrument offers a real sensory experience.

This dialogue project produce by the Artichoke company is a call towards a memorial and sensory reactivation of a place. This new sound moment is built in dialogue between electronic compositions by Gilles Doneux and songs revisited by Christophe Morisset. The electronic music and the acoustic reverberation of the place propose sound extensions, calling for both a contemporary resonance and an introspection of the sound matter to make the listener enter a space of time, in connection with the current exhibition On The Lookout which explores the stimulation of the human body through colour and time.

7:30 pm Welcome drink and visit of the exhibition
8:00 pm Concert
Ticket 15 € (+ chapeau)

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