Exposition — Brussels


From 05/09/2013 to 26/10/2013



Monika Stricker is a ‘Cadavre Exquis’, an exquisite corpse. When Monika Stricker wakes up she is not alone.
Monika Stricker is a defiant typeface, subversive through obedience. Monika Stricker is a sound, strong, critical, hard, beautiful and smart.

Monika Stricker is some thing yet unmade to meet the charge. Monika Stricker is in Possession of MONICKER STRICKER.

Monika Stricker didn’t refuse, nor did she do what was expected of her, the irreducibility of its nomination.

Monika Stricker is an attempt to fruitfully stage the representational value of the figure MONIKA STRICKER in a wider perspective.

Monika Stricker contains a Japanese-ish aspect… though Stricker is not at all (we’d make it Su-to-rikkaa).

Monika Stricker is a gift, too much cake to swallow.

Monika Stricker is not Monika Stricker, Robin Vanbesien, Jutta Zimmermann, G.Küng, Emmanuelle Quertain, Bavo Olbrecht, Cambyse Naddaf, Andre Tehrani, Axelle Stiefel, Egle Budvytyte, Bart Groenendaal, Yuki Okumura, Willem Oorebeek

Named after the young German artist Monika Stricker – currently in residency at WIELS and staying at the CAB during that time – the exhibit taking place at the CAB is a carte blanche offered to the WIELS residents.

They decided to create an experimental exhibition, giving food for thought on the issue of the creation process within a space, a group, towards the others and the idea of exchanging.

During the exhibition, the artist Monika Stricker therefore becomes an object, or rather a subject, a substitute to the individual creation of her various co-residents, who therefore present her with a gift, a work of art at her service, or even taking Monika’s place.

How do the collective and individual aspects interact within the common space of an artistic residency? What are the challenges triggered by the presence of a group when creating a work of art that is supposed to embody an intimate and singular form of expression for artists? How to accept the others and their research as inevitable resources for your own work?
How to accept a gift from an artist, the gift of a space? How to manage those gifts and how to react to them, by giving something back or by resisting them? How to cope with the monumentality of a space within the creative process? How to express the weight of this responsibility when faced with creation?
These are the various questions which are explored by the 11 WIELS residents, through the MONIKA STRICKER exhibition at the CAB.

MONIKA STRICKER becomes a place where the experience of residency and the availability of a space turns into a confrontation with the artist’s creation itself.

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