Résidence — Brussels

Raphaël Lecoquierre

From 17/06/2020 to 02/10/2020

Fondation CAB is currently welcoming the Brussels-based Raphaël Lecoquierre (b. 1988, Saint-Cloud, FR) as its tenth artist-in-residence.

During the summer, Raphael is working in our studio to continue his experiments with the materialistic qualities of silver gelatin photographs, which he deploys as the source material for stucco and fresco drawings and paintings. In doing so, he weaves together the heritage of Quattrocento Italian artists with the technological advancements of the evolution of photography, while doing a conceptual research on the scope of personal and collective image-making. The notion of time as an entity to be captured; a moment-made-physical stand central: Lecoquierre’s work raises questions about our relationship to images and the passage of time in our world that is implanted and submerged by the visual in an ultra-rapid flow of informations.

During Brussels Gallery Weekend, Saturday 5 and 6 September from 12 to 6 pm, the artist will open his studio to present his new body of work in a multi-sensory installation.