Exposition — Brussels

André Cadere

Expanding Art

From 07/03/2023 to 15/07/2023


André Cadere

Curated by

Hervé Bize

The exhibitions of André Cadere (1934-1978) are always events in themselves because they are rare and complex to organize due to the limited number of artworks produced by the artist during two very distinct periods, the first from 1960 to the spring of 1967 in Bucharest (remained confidential, not on view in Brussels) and the second until 1978 in Paris.

In addition, they also pose somewhat the same type of equation to their curator, how to show his work, especially if they are focused or even entirely dedicated to what represents more or less the last seven years, that being the realization of the famous round wooden bars to which the figure of Cadere is undeniably linked, this almost continuous presence of the artist, holding a bar or having one of them close to him. However, even for this final period, it would be to forget Cadere, essentially from 1975, produced a number of exhibition displays that were specific to him and that these polychromic bars could also be seen seen by an audience without his presence.

While the exhibition André Cadere, Expanding Art, produced by Fondation CAB, focuses on a large body of round section bars, it also includes other types of bars, including examples of square section bars made by the artist in 1970; it also allows the visitor to discover several remarkable and unseen works from the years that prelude them (1969-1971).

Finally, the last part of the exhibition will be devoted to textual pieces that recall the importance of language within his work, as well as to photographic series linked to Cadere’s constant travels, including those that brought him frequently to Belgium where he received a very favorable reception from many personalities. Filmed documents will also highlight various interventions in the public space, introduced by Cadere in 1972.

The exhibition André Cadere, Expanding Art, entirely designed in resonance with the space of Fondation CAB as well as the linked program, are curated by Hervé Bize, with the support of the Succession André Cadere.

This project benefits from exceptional loans, both from private collectors, Belgian or foreign, and from institutions.

A short residency (Eric Hattan) as well as two performances closely connected to Cadere’s work (Marco Godinho and Alexandra Sand) are organized in order to introduce new exchanges with living artists, in the spirit of those whom Cadere loved animating around his work.

We would like to thank the Succession André Cadere, the Romanian Cultural Institute, Brussels, the Art Encounters Foundation, Timisoara, and Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg, for their partnership.

Eric Hattan’s residency will be made visible at the opening and throughout the Cadere exhibition, which runs until July 15, 2023

Herve Bize

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