Felix Kindermann

Working in the conjunction of time-based and spatial art, Felix Kindermann (born in Cologne, based in Brussels) considers sound as sculpture in a multi-disciplinary practice that spans three-dimensional work, installation, performance and sound.

At the center of ECHO OMOH stands the sound installation Choir Piece (Virtual Edit), presenting the voices of the Ghent Singers choir as they performed “Composition for Separated Musicians”, written by American composer Natalie Dietterich, commissioned by Kindermann for his most recent performance Choir Piece. Kindermann and Dietterich researched to which extent a classical composition can endure deconstruction and fragmentation, while sustaining the inherent harmony of the piece. Guided by a set of rules as well as by intuition, each performer improvised their individual score, entering into dialogue with the surrounding space, with fellow performers and with the audience. The modularity of the piece was reinforced through the performers’ movement, whose choreography (by Florian Fischer) appeared as a moving sculpture appropriating and confirming the space.

Kindermann reconfigures the choir, conventionally a symbol for collectivity, as an ambiguous but potent presence hinting at the friction field between individuality and social cohesion. The effect on the audience is immersive, allowing for personal association but not for indifference; stimulating contemplation but refusing escape. In his profound research, the artist perpetually claims the result of his orchestrated performances as the departure point for a new manifestation. Thus, Choir Piece (Virtual Edit) comes to be as a disembodied sound installation, retaining the fundamental modularity and altering it into new existence.

Practical informations:
Opening reception: Tuesday March 12, 6 – 9PM
Exhibition dates: 13 March – 30 March 2019
Wednesday – Saturday: 12 – 6PM

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