Résidence — Saint-Paul de Vence


From 01/03/2023 to 15/03/2023

Fondation CAB Saint-Paul de Vence is pleased to present its 5th artist-in-residence : Caroline Corbasson (Saint-Étienne, 1989), a French multidisciplinary artist based in Paris.

Caroline Corbasson’s drawings, sculptures and videos explores how the observation of space and the development of astronomical tools have led to a change in perception, thus questioning the realm of the visible and the sublime. Her production is to be seen as both scientific and artistic.

Her work reread the world in an ontological and poetic perspective, while trying to make it accessible for the most.

She graduated from Saint Martin School, London and ENSBA Paris. She lives and works in Paris.

In January 2023, she co-published a book entitled Heat alongside the photographer Andrea Montano.