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Ilit Azoulay, Matthew Brandt, Maxim Dondyuk, Alixandra Fazzina, Ori Gersht, John Gossage, Pieter Hugo, Gideon Mendel, Sophie Ristelhueber, Brent Stirton, Yang Yongliang and the winner of the prize, Valérie Belin The CAB is pleased and honoured to welcome, for the second year in a row, the Prix Pictet Prize for Photography and Sustainability. Work…(Read More)

The CAB is pleased and honoured to welcome the Prix Pictet, prize for Photography and Sustainability For the exhibition at the CAB, eleven outstanding international photographers show projects on the theme of ‘consumption’ contributing to the debate about the most pressing social and environmental challenges today. Including work by Adam Bartos (United States), Motoyuki Daifu…(Read More)

CURATED BY JOOST DECLERCQ The CAB welcomes, for the second time, an exhibition initiated by Bank Degroof. In March 2013 the Centre had the pleasure of presenting Bank Degroof’s first initiated exhibition, « Contemporary Future ». « Pionnières  » brings together renowned female artists who have left their indelible mark on art history. These women are considered…(Read More)

OPENING 6PM ON WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 27TH. PUBLIC EXHIBITION ON THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 28TH FROM 10AM TILL 6PM Xavier Lust work ranges from Art-design to industrial production. He creates unique handmade pieces while also editing larger scale series. This exhibition is a two- day preview of the works that will be shown in Piasa, Paris, December…(Read More)

EXHIBITION INITIATED BY BANK DEGROOF. OPEN FROM 8TH TILL 17TH MARCH 2013 FROM 11 AM TILL 6.30 PM (EVERY DAY EXCEPT MONDAY) Initiated by Bank Degroof, the exhibition « Contemporary Future » brings together some major names of contemporary art that stimulate us to view the world differently. A journey both aesthetic and as initiation that…(Read More)